Two and a half years ago, I dislocated my shoulder during a surfing lesson in Bali, which left me with a neck and trapezius injury that has caused me severe and persistant pain.Adam Hansen’s holistic approach to my injury and pain has been a lifesaver. This has not been an overnight miracle, the healing journey involved an exploration over a number of months using a range of complimentary treatments to work through the multi-layered problems requiring massage, detox, exercises and herbal medications. What stays with me is Adam’s ability to connect to me as a person. I felt I was the centre of his holistic solutions-focused approach. Without sounding too new age, Adam has the ability to link remedial therapies with the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing domains. For me Adam offers the unique experience of being able to decipher the root cause of the pain and peel it away, layer by layer-just what every aching body and soul needs.

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