About AHF Health & Fitness

Ahf is a one stop shop for your health & fitness. Adam is degree qualified Personal trainer, Naturopath, Remedial Massage therapist and Wellness coach who combines all these skills into 1 on 1 Personal Training sessions. He will help you:

  • Tone up muscles to look hot.
  • Guide you with shedding or gaining body mass.
  • Build you back up if your delicate, broken, stiff, and injured.
  • Hold your hand if your nervous and have never trained in a gym before.
  • Offer genuine support if your stressed out and emotional.

Adam offers his training sessions in a down to earth, fun and supportive way. There’s no screaming, yelling or big egos here! Just a real service for real people. Also check out Adam’s Remedial massage service by clicking here

The combination of skills Adam offers in his sessions are unique, he has a

  • Degree in Health Science
  • Qualified Naturopath/Nutritionist
  • Cert IV in Personal training
  • Remedial Massage Therapist
  • NLP & Hypnosis counsellor

Meet Adam

Good health and wellbeing has been a life-long passion for me, I really enjoy helping people to live happier and healthier lives.

I am happy to help you in many areas of your fitness, health and wellbeing, as I am a degree qualified, Personal trainer, Naturopath, Remedial massage therapist, and NLP Counsellor.  

If I’m not at work, you will most likely find me at the beach as I’m a keen, Surfer, Kite boarder and SUP paddler. I’m always up for a chat about travelling, cooking, music, classic cars and dogs as these are the other loves of my life.

My knowledge and skills have come from studying a wide range of modalities. I have a bachelor’s degree in health science, an advanced diploma of Naturopathy, a certificate III & IV in Fitness, and a diploma of Remedial massage therapy. You can check out my Remedial Massage service by clicking here

I am also a master NLP practitioner, Reflexologist,  VLA (Body composition) practitioner, an Emmett technique practitioner and Level II Reiki practitioner.

I am passionate about helping people transform their lives, this is why I have studied so many different modalities. All of these different modalities that I’ve studied help to build a 3 dimensional view of my clients, so I can best ascertain how to improve their fitness and wellbeing.

I like to address the cause of problems not just the symptoms.